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Recent Updates in PSM

Click to download: PSM PODCASTS_2023

Click to download: PSM Booster 2023 NEET march

SAANS – Pneumonia Guidelines 2020 – download link –> SAANS

How to Approach PSM in Ed6? – Click to download E6

PSM Booster – 2022 (NEET PG) Click to Download PSM Booster 0422_2

Revision Class Notes for FMG Exam (2022) Click to Download PSM Revision (2022)

HYP – For 30 may session – click to download –> smart PSM Data

Simplified Guidelines (click to download) –  Guidelines for management of Anaemia

PSM Update OCT 2020 (Click to download)—> PSM booster by Mukhmohit Singh_v4_1020

Detail of MASTER Revision classes-PSM on Marrow App Download TIME STAMPS PDF here

NPCB 2019 survey report by Dr. RP centre, Delhi. Download NPCB REPORT here

MTP Amendment 2020 – download MTP ammendment 2020

COVID19 – prelim data ver01 – COVID19 treatment01

RNTCP is ‘renamed’ to National TB Elimination Program (NTEP) – NTEP update summary Jan 2020

My thoughts for PSM as subject – click here –> PSM Thoughts

PSM Handling protocol for MARROW PSM version 4…. PSM marrow 4.0 IMHPS

Revised (V2)- Jan 2020 PG Recent pattern (PSM) discussion – neet pg 2020 v2

AIIMS Nov 2019 recall – Comm Med AIIMS Nov 2019 (v2)

MCH indicator – IMR, CDR, U5MR – Click here ==> MCH imr-cdr-u5mr

PSM high yield topics for REVISION –  Click here –> topics in psm 2020

PSM UPDATE OCT 2019 (ver03, edit, Pg7) => PSM Booster by Dr Mukhmohit Singh v03

summary Biostats – biostats – NEET:FMG:DNB:UPSC

India Health Profile SRS NFHS4 update

Immunization – immunization 2019

Prophylaxis of infection in HIV positive children: Click here => HIV and vaccines

Hypertension Classification – hypertension ESC:ESH 2018

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