PSM Simplified Classes and Feedback

Brilliant revision program.

A big Thanks to Dr. Mukhmohit sir for this brilliant revision program. Many topics were simplified which were difficult earlier. Many controversial topics were clarified. Paradigm of conceptual based topics was dealt very well. Dedication to the subject and student friendly teaching style is what makes it all inspirational
Mohd Zubair Seeshan
Bhaksar Medical College

Simplified, Best and interesting class

SPM Really made simplified. Concept based teaching. For the first time, SPM seems to be interesting.
Dr. R. Karya Pruja
KMC Kurnool

Entirely changed my perception of PSM as a subject.

 Indeed a simplified version of PSM. Student friendly, Exam oriented, and fully loaded with concepts. Never did I correlate the core topics of PSM – Epidemiology, Screening and Biostats. Now the subject is much clear. You have entirely changed my perception of PSM as a subject.
I intend to pursue Dermatology, but I can say now , I shall not be afraid to opt PSM as a second option. A big thanks to sir once again.
Dr. Apuroopa
BLDE Univeristy

Amazing, Impressive way of Teaching

Sir has an amazing way of teaching. I am extremely impressed with the classes.He solved MCQs alongside and makes SPM way more interesting. He is an amazing teacher, very focused and has very student friendly approach.
Dr. Dina Tabassum
MNR Medical College

PSM used to be boring subject but is very interesting now.

SPM was very boring before this class and is so interesting after listening to Mukhmohit Sir. Excellent way of teaching and concepts are made very easy
Dr. P Swathi
Osmania Medical College

Excellent, Simply Superb, Magical, Fear Buster

Excellent Simply Supreb. Dr. Mukhmohit Sir made PSM very easy and simplified. especially Epidemiology, screening and Biostats. Sir explained each and every topic in a very easy manner such that an averange student can understand. many of us are affraid of SPM during our college days and also in PG Preparation. ZBut sir, after attending your class, PSM is very easy.After attending the class and revising the notes, all of us can answer most of the Questions of PSM. I think no other faculty can teach in a magical way like Dr. Mukhmohit Sir do.
Dr. Abdul Hafeez
Prathima Medical College

No other faculty can teach topics like Dr. Mukhmohit. PSM is now less factual and more conceptual. Behind every fact, there is a research.

Best Class by Dr. Mukhmohit Singh

-Seeing PSM through a Different Scenario
-Sir’s approach helps to feel that SPM is less of factual things and behind every fact there is a research.
– Epidemiology, SOD, Biostats= this is something student must understand in a way that a researcher makes MCQs for us. These topics were best in class and NO OTHER FACULTY can tell these topics in such a cool, SMART Approach
– Most of new updates and trending topics were also highlighted during discussion.


BEST EVER class for PGMEE entrance exams.

 This is one of the best ever PGMEE coaching class attending by me. This way Dr. Mukhmohit Sir conducted the class, it was really mesmerizing. Now I feel confident enough to face the examination on this TRICKY subject.
Dr. B. Praveen
RIMS Adilabad

Wonderful Teaching. Community Medicine just got simplified.

Community medicine just got simplified with your teaching sir. Thought PSM was very boring and nothing much of concepts, but the way you connected every topic is wonderful and very simplified. Concised notes yet covering all the concepts .. Wonderful teaching.
With Love From Hyderabad
JSSMC Mysore

PSM was a Phobia before this class but is strongest subject now.

Really as quote”PSM SIMPLIFIED”
PSM was a phobia(Specially Biostats)
But after the class its like PSM is my strong subject for any exam
Whole class session was too interactive and never got bored during whole session.
Thankyou sir very much for making it so simple
Prashant Kumar
KGMC, Lucknow

PSM Never seemed to be so easy to me which now has been made by sir

The PSM Simplified session of such a difficult subject was very useful.
PSM Never seemed to be so easy to me which now has been made by sir
All topics were very thoroughly and patiently explained.
All concepts are also clear. Great efforts made by sir. Thank you so much
Priya Singla
Sharda Univeristy

Was never able to catch hold of this subject till now. Your conceptual approach in class raised my confidence

I am a final year student. Never was able to catch hold of this subject. Your class provides easy and conceptual approach to this subject and helped a lot in building confidence. Thanks for the class sir. especially for programs and bio-stats
Simran Arora